LAPASH, TINA is employed in the department of FINANCE, the city of Chicago. The position title is SENIOR DATA ENTRY OPERATOR.

Lapash, Tina · Senior Data Entry Operator · Finance
Department FINANCE
Full Part Time F
Salary Hourly Salary
Annual Salary $55,584

Finance · Chicago Employee
Name Position Department Salary
Keane, Erin S City Comptroller Finance $165,000
Consola, Tina L Managing Deputy Dir Finance $134,316
Hamburger, Carol L Managing Deputy Comptroller Finance $134,316
Mendoza, Maria E Managing Deputy Comptroller Finance $134,316
Yonover, Scott D Deputy Dir Finance $130,380
Pitchan, Rommel M Manager of Auditing Finance $123,732
Reed, Darryl P Manager of Auditing Finance $123,732
Arvetis II, John M Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Cochran-person, Turranna Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Deluna, Rolando Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Flores, Joel Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Gribble, Peter C Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Hallihan, Ramona Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Kenan, William H Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Ponce, Richard Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Reichart, Kevin G Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
West, Sandra Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Yost, Jason D Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Brown, Charles E Auditor Iv Finance $120,312
Drake Buzanis, Katina Auditor Iv Finance $120,312