Finance · Chicago Employee
Name Position Department Salary
Keane, Erin S City Comptroller Finance $165,000
Consola, Tina L Managing Deputy Dir Finance $134,316
Hamburger, Carol L Managing Deputy Comptroller Finance $134,316
Mendoza, Maria E Managing Deputy Comptroller Finance $134,316
Yonover, Scott D Deputy Dir Finance $130,380
Pitchan, Rommel M Manager of Auditing Finance $123,732
Reed, Darryl P Manager of Auditing Finance $123,732
Arvetis II, John M Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Cochran-person, Turranna Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Deluna, Rolando Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Flores, Joel Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Gribble, Peter C Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Hallihan, Ramona Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Kenan, William H Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Ponce, Richard Deputy Dir Finance $120,444
Reichart, Kevin G Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
West, Sandra Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Yost, Jason D Deputy Comptroller Finance $120,444
Brown, Charles E Auditor Iv Finance $120,312
Drake Buzanis, Katina Auditor Iv Finance $120,312
Fojt-fligelman, Iris Y Auditor Iv Finance $120,312
Jeffries, Tyra L Auditor Iv Finance $120,312
Webster, Ian M Deputy Comptroller Finance $119,304
Flannery, Kelly M Deputy Comptroller Finance $118,020
Siegel, Mark S Deputy Dir Finance $118,020
Witry, Mary P Project Manager Finance $117,276
Young, Emile L Asst Comptroller Finance $116,844
Buss Jr, Casimir Assistant Director of Finance Finance $116,364
Ascaridis, Michael Dir of Accounting Finance $115,932
Carlson, Brian J Supvsr of Auditing Finance $115,932
Finn, Michael J Dir of Accounting Finance $115,932
Richards, John E Dir of Accounting Finance $115,932
Velazquez, Miriam Dir of Accounting Finance $115,932
Schmitz, Susan L Risk Manager Finance $115,680
La Marre, John R Projects Administrator Finance $113,412
Spence, Charles Chief Programmer/analyst Excluded Finance $112,296
Frontczak, Raymond M Principal Programmer/analyst Finance $112,284
Mendez, Richard D Payroll Administrator Finance $112,284
Mercer, Deborah Asst Manager of Audit and Finance Finance $112,284
Sakai, Steven Y Contracts Coord Finance $112,284
Johnson, Martin H Dir of Project Development Finance $111,624
Chow, Sum H Dir of Accounting Finance $110,904
Devereux, Brian A Supvsr of Auditing Finance $110,904
Girven, Rick Dir of Accounting Finance $110,904
Yung, Timothy Supvsr of Auditing Finance $110,904
Kanoon, Fatin V Senior Programmer/analyst Finance $110,064
Kotula, Catherine F Senior Programmer/analyst Finance $110,064
Stevens, Thomas M Manager of Parking Finance $107,904
Herman, Elaine C Manager of Auditing Finance $107,736
Hernandez, Fidel Supvsr of Accounting Finance $107,184
Morton, Valerie L Supvsr of Accounting Finance $107,184
Lira, Rena L Director of Internal Audit Finance $106,848
Koppel, Joshua D Asst Dir of Information Systems Finance $106,152
Iskos, Eugenia Manager of Compliance Analysis Finance $106,116
Li, Houlin Dir of Accounting Finance $106,116
Summers, Russel J Asst Comptroller Finance $104,736
Mosquera, Sandra Supvsr of Auditing Finance $104,124
Pekic, Mark Supvsr of Auditing Finance $104,124
Rachowicz, Robert S Supvsr of Auditing Finance $104,124
Reichart, Daniel S Supvsr of Auditing Finance $104,124
Walker, Lisa M Supvsr of Accounting Finance $104,124
Wong, Samuel H Dir of Accounting Finance $104,124
Almendarez IIi, Filiberto Payroll Administrator Finance $102,348
Daniels, Alfred W Parking Revenue Security Supvsr Finance $102,348
Bailey, Thomas Help Desk Technician Finance $101,592
Bentancur, Ana M Supvsr of Customer Accounts Finance $101,592
Henry, Sonyia C Supvsr of Customer Accounts Finance $101,592
Adeni, Mohamed K Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Allen, Kevin M Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Bauer, Todd D Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Curtis, Doll L Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Dichristofano, James Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Hammond, Deena A Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Herrera Govea, Rosa M Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Hodges Jr, Thornton Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Kielar, Michael A Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Littlefield, Susanne M Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Matias, Jaime C Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Neely IIi, Fletcher Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Pekic, Crystal R Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Pena, Julian Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Randle, Roosevelt Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Rodriguez, Sandra I Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Sakelaris, Mary J Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Tan, Earlene L Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Tariq, Mohammad Finance Officer Finance $100,776
Vaitla, Aruna B Auditor IIi Finance $100,776
Williams, Yvette Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Zavala, Fernando Accountant Iv Finance $100,776
Verzoni, Patricia R Manager of Revenue Collections Finance $99,780
Lopez, Sonia Supvsr of Accounting Finance $99,672
Cordova-martinez, Amy Asst Comptroller Finance $99,648
Omar, Jamillah A Manager of Customer Services Finance $97,740
Galvan, Mark E Fiscal Administrator Finance $97,692
Lopez Jr, Jaime A Asst Comptroller Finance $97,692
D Souza, Vernon J Accountant IIi Finance $97,032
Stone, Mary C Projects Administrator Finance $96,756
Ashley, Daniel J Asst Benefits Manager Finance $96,288
Blackwell, Marquita J Accountant Iv Finance $95,580
Rodriguez Jr, Arturo Auditor IIi Finance $95,580